Richard Quadrino Delivers Health Insurance Presentation to Hospital Executives at a National Forum

Mr. Quadrino traveled to San Diego to speak to a gathering of hospital executives regarding his views on how they could maximize their reimbursements from health insurers. Mr. Quadrino's presentation focused upon how the federal ERISA regulations -- that govern the processing and payment of health insurance claims -- are being under-utilized by medical providers.

Quadrino Schwartz has been at the forefront of using ERISA to the advantage of their medical provider clients. Most medical providers and hospitals, however, have not been educated about the various benefits of the ERISA regulations. In fact, many of the hospital executives in attendance at the forum believed that either ERISA did not apply to many of the claims they process on behalf of their patients, or that the ERISA regulations placed them at some sort of a disadvantage in their dealings with commercial health insurance payors. Their belief stemmed from misinformation that has been repeated by health insurers and third party administrators who process health plan claims.

One of the most important parts of Mr. Quadrino's presentation was a discussion as to how the hospitals and medical providers can take advantage of regulatory violations committed by health insurers. Through the use of existing legal precedents under ERISA and other analogous areas of law, Mr. Quadrino explained how hospitals and medical providers can increase their reimbursements and legally pursue groups of denied health insurance claims.