What Our Health Insurance Lawyers Can Do for You

You are a responsible citizen and you work hard.  You ensure you have health care coverage for you and your family.  But when you turned to your health insurer after an unexpected medical procedure or unanticipated health care crisis, they denied your claim

The insurance company told you:
1) the policy does not provide for “experimental” procedures;
2) the treatment was not “medically necessary”;
3) you failed to meet the admission criteria for a particular medical service. 

Maybe they denied it for reasons that make no sense, based on an explanation of benefits “EOB” form that is often incomprehensible.  The paperwork itself is daunting and confusing. 

Adding insult to injury, you cannot even sue the insurance company unless you submit one or even two “administrative” appeals, appeals which are specifically designed by health insurers to frustrate the sick and infirm, and unnecessarily delay the process.

For 20 years Quadrino Schwartz has fought insurance companies and their red tape to get clients paid.  We understand the complexities of insurance law and regulations, including the unique requirements of ERISA, and know how to apply the law to ensure that health insurance companies pay your promised benefits.

At Quadrino Schwartz, we navigate you through the bureaucratic nightmare insurance companies use to block payment of your legitimate health insurance claim so that you can concentrate on your health, and not on legal problems associated with having your claims paid.  Our attorneys are well-versed in “knocking down the walls” that insurance companies hide behind to increase their profits at your expense.

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