Trial & Appellate Practice Group

A strong trial team does more than craft brilliant motions and discovery strategies. Trial lawyers know how to take a case to a judge or jury and present the client's case in open court, clearly and powerfully. It takes lawyers who can master the facts, make compelling arguments, and persuade juries and judges.

Richard Quadrino and Evan Schwartz are the leaders in the firm's Trial & Appellate Practice Group. Both partners built their careers as trial and appellate lawyers, developing outstanding reputations. They have each strung together numerous victories in federal and state courtrooms throughout the region and the country. They are supported by a team of consummate professionals with their own track records of success.

Mr. Quadrino's more recent trial victories have been in the fields of Insurance Law and Business & Complex Litigation. He is known for taking on difficult, challenging cases and delivering unexpectedly good results for the firm's clients.

Mr. Schwartz has achieved a distinctive record of victories when representing clients in insurance matters. He has argued and won cases in various state and federal courts. His reputation and track record make him a sought-after appellate lawyer.

Not every case needs to go to trial or up on appeal. But the mere fact that your law firm is eager and able to do so, and has the resources and track record to back it up, can be a powerful factor in negotiating a resolution. If yours is a case that must be tried or appealed, you want a law firm that is ready, willing and able to move forward with a trial with sufficient resources and talent to succeed at the endeavor. Clients benefit -- by obtaining more favorable results through negotiation -- when others know that the legal team on your side has a proven trial and appellate record.

A trial is a critical event in the litigation process. It's not enough to know the rules; the attorney must know how to use those rules strategically. It's not enough to just master the facts; the attorney has to able to tell the story, and win over the judge and jury by persuading them. That's what we do at Quadrino Schwartz. And we've got years of experience -- not just preparing for trials -- but winning them.

Our Appellate Practice Group handles appeals in all areas of law to either defend and preserve a victory we have obtained or to overturn an unjust result. Our skilled team of lawyers has obtained numerous victories in both state and federal appellate courts, not only in New York but in courts throughout the country.