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Life Insurance: Policy Lapse Issues

We successfully fought for a life insurance settlement for an AIDS victim. Life insurance companies often claim that their insurance polices have lapsed due to a failure of the policyholder to pay premiums, and they deny the insurance claim. When Quadrino Schwartz gets involved, an investigation often reveals that there […]

No Fault Insurance: Medical Provider Reimbursement

When a large-scale medical provider was faced with millions of dollars in denied insurance claims, Quadrino Schwartz was hired to fight back. Abuses by the automobile insurance company were prevalent, and they were denying many small no-fault insurance claims with apparent impunity. Instead of bring hundreds of little suits, Quadrino […]

Email Destruction Trial: Insurance Class Action

Quadrino Schwartz successfully conducted an unprecedented trial in a class action regarding email destruction. Quadrino Schwartz established at the trial that the insurance company violated an evidence preservation order that had been sought and obtained by Quadrino Schwartz. The preservation order was obtained to prevent emails and other materials from […]

Auto Insurance And Professional Liability

Our client was sued by a major auto leasing company that paid nearly a million dollar settlement on his behalf, since it was liable under the law as the owner of the vehicle. The leasing company claimed that the fine print of the auto lease allowed it to get the […]

Evidence Preservation Order: Insurance Class Action

Quadrino Schwartz obtained an important decision in one of the three class actions spearheaded by the firm. In this class action, we pursued a reassessment of all claims denied or terminated by UnumProvident under insurance policies issued by New York Life, John Hancock Life, The Equitable, National Life of Vermont, […]

Class Action: Venue Victory

In one of the class actions pending against UnumProvident (NYSE:UNM), a Federal Court in Massachusetts rejected a last-minute tactical maneuver by UnumProvident that sought to avoid a class certification hearing in the State’s Superior Court. Quadrino Schwartz convinced the federal court to act on an emergency basis. In an extensive […]

Life Insurance: Widow’s Denied Claim Reversed Without The Need For A Lawsuit

We obtained a large settlement from a life insurance company for a widow who had received a series of conflicting letters and invoices from her husband’s life insurer while he was ill and dying. She made one payment, as the insurer requested, but was then told that more was owed […]

Health Insurance: Full Recovery Of Benefits

After insurer Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield stopped paying all of our client’s healthcare benefits due to an administrative hold placed on the client’s claims, we sued seeking benefits and damages. Despite numerous attempts by our client to communicate with his insurer to resolve the matter, he only met with frustration. […]

Premises Liability Insurance: Coverage Won For Real Estate Management Company In The Hamptons

We were retained by an East End property management company facing lawsuits over an incident on its premises. Among the many issues presented were insurance coverage disputes regarding multiple parties. We obtained coverage for one key player that assisted in a resolution of the entire dispute in a manner favorable […]

Legal Malpractice Coverage: Reversal Of Coverage Denial On The Eve Of Trial

A professional liability insurer withdrew from defending a lawyer in a malpractice suit, claiming that his failure to cooperate invalidated his insurance coverage. We were hired by the lawyer, on the eve of trial. We successfully convinced the insurer to reverse its position and the entire case was promptly settled […]