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Civil Rico: Trial Victory

We succeeded in getting all fraud and racketeering charges dismissed against an international franchisor and its CEO. The case was litigated for a number of years during which Plaintiffs pursued Civil RICO (racketeering) and fraud claims against the franchisor. The allegations involved the franchisor’s sales practices used in persuading individuals […]

Destruction Of French Provincial Mansion: Verdict For Plaintiff

A millionaire Wall Street tycoon hired us to go to trial against two insurance companies refusing to pay for the complete destruction of his home. The mansion was under restoration and a subcontractor caused a fire that completely demolished the premises. Partner Richard Quadrino re-investigated the case, shifted the strategy […]

Lawyer Sued For Fraud: Verdict Dismissing The Case

An attorney sought Quadrino Schwartz to conduct a trial against him in which he was accused of engaging in a fraudulent real estate scheme. From the beginning, he had handled the case himself, but when it came to the trial, he wanted Richard Quadrino. There were several experts, mortgage brokers, […]

Spoliation Of Evidence: Fraud Case Dismissed

We successfully represented the Defendant, who is an attorney and accountant, in the litigation, at the trial, and on the appeal, in a fraud and breach of fiduciary duty case. A former business associate pursued years of litigation against our client, claiming that he mismanaged the company and committed fraud […]

$5 Million Verdict For Orthopedic Surgeon

Partners Richard Quadrino and Bill O’Mahony obtained a verdict worth over $5 million in an insurance lawsuit by an orthopedic surgeon. The case involved 10 years of litigation, and Quadrino Schwartz was brought into the case in later stages to take over from other lawyers and then try the case. […]

Complete Victory In Trial Decision By Federal Judge On Franchise Case

After obtaining summary judgment for an international franchisor client, we took the damages phase to trial. Partner Richard Quadrino conducted the trial. The Defendant raised numerous legal issues that he contended precluded an award of damages. Quadrino successfully fought back on the legal issues, effectively cross examined the Defendant, discredited […]

Real Estate Broker Trial: Verdict For Plaintiff In Sale Of Medieval Castle

We represented a prominent real estate broker in The Hamptons in a lawsuit against her former employer, a well-known East End firm. Another attorney had conducted the litigation, but we were hired to try the case. Richard Quadrino tried the case for the client. Intense issues of credibility swirled around […]

Insurance Trial Regarding Undercover Sting Operation: $1 Million Verdict For Plaintiff

Our client had been a successful licensed hypnotherapist for many years. He developed and was diagnosed as suffering from severe depression and other mental disorders. He applied for benefits under his long-term disability policy (own occupation – a critical legal distinction) and received disability benefits for seven years. While on […]

Insurance Trial: Verdict Obtained After Appeal

After an extended legal battle, Quadrino Schwartz obtained an important ruling from a New York appeals court against disability insurer First Unum. The Quadrino Schwartz client kept the faith over the years and has now obtained true justice after years of bad faith litigation by First Unum. First Unum stopped […]

Property Damage Liability Litigation: Success On Damages Trial & Appeal

We recovered a substantial sum for a commercial tenant from its negligent landlord who caused complete destruction of our client’s business inventory in a retail store. Quadrino Schwartz vigorously pursued and obtained a default judgment against a commercial landlord for extensive property damage to our client’s business premises. Since the […]